Quick Tour: Special-Session Form, Part 1

This is the first page of the proposal form.

This section contains a copy of the special-session proposal form for viewing purposes, along with instructions on how to complete the form and submit the best possible proposal. It is a multipage form. At the bottom of each sample page you will have the option to view the previous page, view the following page, return to the main menu, or access the electronic proposal form to begin submitting your proposal. The sample may be from a different year, but the basic content is the same.

When completing the actual proposal form, each page must be completed before you can reach the subsequent page.

  • Enter the session title. The session organizer's name will appear automatically. This name is based on the membership ID that was used to access the form.
  • Next you will need to select the main subject for the session, keywords, the expected attendance, and the appropriate session format (formal session, roundtable, or workshop) for your proposal. Formal sessions typically have a presider and three speakers and list presentation titles for those speakers. Roundtable sessions are composed of brief presentations and group discussion and do not list presentation titles. Workshops are intensive discussions led by a presider and emphasizing participation by all session attendees.
  • If you wish to make copies of papers or abstracts available to potential session attendees before the convention, provide the Web site URL or e-mail address for people to access the materials, the type of material that will be available, and when the material will be available. Leave this section blank if you will not be making materials available.
  • Click the link for the presidential theme to view the current theme. If you want your proposal considered as part of this group, click on the square. Sessions selected as part of the presidential theme will be listed in the brochure available at the convention and on the MLA Web site.
  • Many factors (audiovisual needs, organizational conflicts, participant conflicts, attendance size, etc.) affect the scheduling of sessions, making it difficult to guarantee any scheduling requests. If, however, you have a particular scheduling request that will affect a panelist’s ability to participate in the session, please enter that request in the box below. We cannot guarantee that any specific request will be met, but we will take note of all requests.
  • Click Save and Finish Later to save the form and resume later, or click Continue to proceed to the Session Participants page.