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Sunday, 09 January

735. Theory after “Theory”

10:15–11:30 a.m., Plaza II, J. W. Marriott

A special session

Presiding: Jane Elliott, Univ. of York

Speakers: Amanda S. Anderson, Johns Hopkins Univ., MD; Eva Cherniavsky, Univ. of Washington, Seattle; Claire M. Colebrook, Penn State Univ., University Park; Martin Hägglund, Harvard Univ.; Sianne Ngai, Univ. of California, Los Angeles; Cary Wolfe, Rice Univ.

Respondent: Derek Attridge, Univ. of York

It seems that theory is outliving the very propositions that once defined “theory.” This session will offer an opportunity to discuss the parameters of this transformation, identifying and evaluating the current intellectual and institutional trends at work. Participants will focus their statements on two objectives: introducing the core insights of their new work to the audience and suggesting how this work relates to current directions in theory.

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