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Tuesday, 29 December

609. Captive in the City of Brotherly Love: The Literary Legacies of Pennsylvania’s Prisons

9:00–10:15 p.m., 411–412, Philadelphia Marriott

A special session

Presiding: Lisa M. Logan, Univ. of Central Florida

1. “Prison Literacy: An Ambivalent Legacy,” Jodi R. Schorb, Univ. of Florida

2. “The Horrors of This Far-Famed Penitentiary: Discipline, Defiance, and Death during Ann Carson’s Incarcerations in Philadelphia’s Walnut Street Prison,” Dan Williams, Texas Christian Univ.

3. “Eastern State Penitentiary and the Birth of Prison Literature,” Caleb Smith, Yale Univ.

4. “The Pen and the Penitentiary: Memoir Writing in Maximum Security,” Michele Lise Tarter, Coll. of New Jersey

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