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Friday, 28 December

234. James Dickey’s Deliverance: Gender, Class, and Sexuality at Work in the Woods and in the Popular Culture

12:00 noon–1:15 p.m., Addams, Hyatt Regency

A special session

Presiding: William B. Thesing, Univ. of South Carolina, Columbia

1. “The Buggering Hillbilly in the Buddy Movie: Male Sexuality in Deliverance,” N. Edward Madden, Univ. of South Carolina, Columbia

2. “Ed Gentry’s ‘Man-Crush’: Idolatry, Power, and Love in Deliverance,” Jennifer H. Schell, Wichita State Univ.

3. “‘So Willing to Let Anything Be Done’: Deliverance and Second-Wave Feminism,” Jennie Lightweis-Goff, Univ. of Rochester

Respondent: Pamela E. Barnett, Temple Univ.

For copies of papers, write to after 26 Nov.

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