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Saturday, 08 January

625. Philip Roth and Celebrity

5:15–6:30 p.m., Platinum Salon I, J. W. Marriott

A special session

Presiding: Aimee Lynn Pozorski, Central Connecticut State Univ.

1. “Paying Attention to the Man behind the Curtain: Philip Roth and the Dynamics of Written and Unwritten Celebrity,” Derek Parker Royal, Western Illinois Univ.

2. “‘The Stars Are Indispensible’: Celebrity, Trauma, and Patriotism in I Married a Communist and Plot against America,” Aimee Lynn Pozorski

3. “‘Into Thin Air’: Celebrity Selfhood in I Married a Communist, Exit Ghost, and The Humbling,” Debra B. Shostak, Coll. of Wooster

Respondent: James David Bloom, Muhlenberg Coll.

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