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355. Provoking Literary History: Richard Maxwell's Critical Legacies

Friday, 6 January, 5:15–6:30 p.m., 604, WSCC

A special session

Presiding: Robert Lawrence Caserio, Penn State Univ., University Park

Speakers: Robert Lawrence Caserio; Ian Duncan, Univ. of California, Berkeley; Deidre Shauna Lynch, Univ. of Toronto; Marina MacKay, Washington Univ. in St. Louis; Peter Mallios, Univ. of Maryland, College Park; Katie Trumpener, Yale Univ.

Session Description:

Richard Maxwell's untimely death in 2010 cut short the career of an innovative literary historian. Maxwell's address to the novel broke away from the boundaries that confine scholars to nation-centered contexts and that also reduce literary history to intellectually inhibiting period constructs. The roundtable assesses how Maxwell's approach to literary history and to history stimulates current scholarship.


  • Genre, Theory, Method – Literary History

  • Comparative Literature – General

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