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Wednesday, 29 December

507. Who’s Calling? Miss Nobody? Women’s Voices in Polish Postcommunist Literature and Film

1:45–3:00 p.m., Congress C, Loews

A special session

Session leader: Krystyna M. Illakowicz, New York Univ.

1. “Modern Iphigenia; or, Defying the Law of the Father in Izabela Filipiak’s Absolut Amnesia,” Maria Hanna Makowiecka, Bergen Community Coll., NJ

2. “Polish Postcommunist Copernican Family Revolutions,” Krystyna M. Illakowicz

3. “Polish Women and Cinema for Sale: Prostitutes, Girlfriends, and Gangsters in Polish Film of the 1990s,” Jessie M. Labov, New York Univ.

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