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Friday, 07 January

187. Persistence of Empire: Hispanic Asian and African Literatures and Postcolonial Nationhood, 1885–2004

8:30–9:45 a.m., 406B, LA Convention Center

A special session

Presiding: Eugenio Matibag, Iowa State Univ.

1. “The Spirit of Nínay: Pedro Paterno and the Haunted Foundations of Philippine Nationalism,” Eugenio Matibag

2. “The Postcolonial Problematics of Hispanophone Asia: La carrera de Cándida and the (Non)Institutionalizations of Twentieth-Century Filipino Literature in Spanish,” Adam Lifshey, Georgetown Univ.

3. “Prohibition and Patrimony in Spanish Morocco: Abdul Latif Jatib’s La proscrita,” Dolores Aponte-Ramos, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras

4. “Transversal Aesthetics in Equatorial Guinean Theater,” Elisa G. Rizo, Iowa State Univ.

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