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Thursday, 27 December

106. Galician Cultural Identity within and beyond Geographic and Linguistic Borders

7:00–8:15 p.m., Erie, Sheraton Chicago

A special session

Presiding: Lou Charnon-Deutsch, Stony Brook Univ., State Univ. of New York

1. “Toward a Poetics of the Postnational: The Use(s) of Language in Galician Diaspora Poetry,” Kirsty J. Hooper, Univ. of Liverpool

2. “Postnational Visions: Cinema Made in Galicia,” José Colmeiro, Michigan State Univ.

3. “Fear and Galician Identity in Late-Nineteenth-Century Galician Literature,” Danny Barreto, Stony Brook Univ., State Univ. of New York

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