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12. Transmedia Stories and Literary Games

Thursday, 5 January, 12:00 noon–1:15 p.m., 615, WSCC

A special session

1. "Hundred Thousand Billion Fingers: Oulipian Games and Serial Players," Patrick LeMieux, Duke Univ.

2. "Make Love, Not Warcraft: Virtual Worlds and Utopia," Stephanie Boluk, Vassar Coll.

3. "Oscillation: Transmedia Storytelling and Narrative Theory by Design," Patrick Jagoda, Univ. of Chicago

Responding: Victoria E. Szabo, Duke Univ.

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  • Genre, Theory, Method – Electronic Technology (Teaching, Research, and Theory)

  • Genre, Theory, Method – Film, Television, and Other Media

  • Teaching – General

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