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Thursday, 06 January

67. Modernist Transnationalism and Japanese Noh: (Mis)Translating Culture in Yeats, Pound, Konishi

1:45–3:00 p.m., 402A, LA Convention Center

A special session

Presiding: Carrie J. Preston, Boston Univ.

1. “Introduction to Noh and Transnational Performance: Nishikigi ‘Tangled in This Coarse Cloth,’” Carrie J. Preston

2. “Performing Ghost Translations,” Kevin Riordan, Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities

3. “Translation and Creative Misunderstanding: Ezra Pound and Konishi Jinichi,” Akiko Takeuchi, Hosei Univ.

4. “Matsui Akira as an Insider, Outsider, and Innovator to the Tradition of Noh,” Judy Halebsky, Hosei Univ.

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