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171. Periodization and Its Discontents: New Ways of Conceiving Academic Organization

Tuesday, 3 January, 7:00–8:15 p.m., Independence West, Sheraton

A special session

Presiding: Todd Wayne Butler, Washington State Univ., Pullman

Speakers: Donald E. Hall, Lehigh Univ.; Lutz Koepnick, Washington Univ. in St. Louis; Caroline E. Levine, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison; Richard E. Miller, Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick; Curtis A. Perry, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana

Session Description:

The historical "period" is one of the fundamental organizing principles of the scholarly study of languages and literature. Pressures from within and outside the academy, however, have begun to challenge this structure. This roundtable thus seeks to encourage theoretical and practical discussion on the predominance of the period and alternative means of organizing our academic work.


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