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How You Can Use MLA Commons

Wednesday, 11 January, 9:50–10:10 a.m., Exhibit Hall Theater, Sheraton Chicago

Presented by MLA Commons, booth 100

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Whether you’re interested in starting a small working group or a large-scale movement, creating a formal publication or an informal discussion, or finding a coeditor, MLA Commons can help! Come find out more about ways you can use the Commons to share your work, create new collaborations, browse for interesting posts, and connect with other MLA members.

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Subject: How difficult it is to get a paper published?
Hi, I am from China and in my institute, as in all other Chinese universities, our promotion and job assessment are linked up with the number of papers we publish. The truth is that every year in China 11.8 million people crowd their papers into journals which have only a capacity of 2.48 million papers. I wonder how difficult it is to get a paper published in your country?