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The Modern Art Cookbook

Tuesday, 10 January, 3:05–3:25 p.m., Exhibit Hall Theater, Sheraton Chicago

Presented by the University of Chicago Press, booths 423, 425, and 427.

Session Description:

Mary Ann Caws (Graduate Center, City Univ. of New York) will speak about her new book, The Modern Art Cookbook, which opens a window into the lives of artists, writers, and poets in the kitchen and the studio from the end of the nineteenth century throughout the twentieth century and beyond. From the early moderns to the impressionists, from the symbolists to the cubists and surrealists, and from the beats to the abstractionists of the New York School, Caws surveys how artists and writers have eaten, cooked, and depicted food; examines the parallels between the art of cuisine and the visual arts and literature; and uses artworks, diaries, novels, letters, poems, photographs, and films to illuminate the significance of particular ingredients and dishes in the lives of some of the world's greatest creators.

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