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196. Write on Your Own Time: Scholarship and Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Members

Tuesday, 10 January, 8:30–9:45 a.m., Kane, Chicago Marriott

Program arranged by the MLA Committee on Contingent Labor in the Profession

Presiding: Nicole B. Wallack, Columbia Univ.

Speakers: Sarah Boslaugh, Kennesaw State Univ.; Katherine Boulay, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago; Peter Khost, Stony Brook Univ., State Univ. of New York; Zachary Lamm, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago; Sophie Queuniet, Columbia Univ.; Deborah Skolnik Rosenberg, Northwestern Univ.; Andrea Witzke Leavey, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago

Session Description:

How do expectations for scholarship enter into the lives of non-tenure-track faculty members' teaching, sense of professional identity, and status among our peers? This roundtable will explore the conditions that inform the content, form, frequency, and reception of our scholarship. We will reflect on how non-tenure-track faculty members can create space—literal and figurative—for scholarly work.


  • The Profession – General

Author Comment
Subject: Panel Participants
I was very disappointed with the panel members from the University of Illinois - Chicago. This is a subject that deserves discussion, however, their presentation morphed into sour grapes and, I'm sorry, but I think if you have quit the profession and bailed on the problem, instead of trying to find a solution from within the profession, you should not be allowed to speak on an MLA panel. You gave up, you quit, and you are no longer relevant to the situation of MLA members.