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Sunday, 27 December

2. Evaluating Digital Work for Tenure and Promotion: A Workshop for Evaluators and Candidates

2:00–5:00 p.m., Liberty Ballroom Salon C, Philadelphia Marriott

Program arranged by the MLA Ad Hoc Committee on the Structure of the Annual Convention and MLA Committee on Information Technology

Presiding: Jeffrey A. Schneider, Vassar Coll.; Susan Schreibman, Royal Irish Acad., Dublin

This workshop will offer facilitated discussion of a variety of types of work in digital media (e.g., thematic research collections, research tools, instructional technology) and identification of effective strategies for documenting, presenting, and evaluating such work. The workshop will be limited to thirty participants and will address the concerns of both members of review committees and candidates coming up for review. Preregistration is required.

Author Comment
Subject: Conventional backup
I was fascinated to discover during this session that evaluators still prefer to see digital work accompanied by publications in traditional venues. Can we imagine being able to give someone tenure who has only published in the digital realm? Couldn't it be true, as Blaise Cronin suggests, that "Highly linked sites are the web’s equivalent of highly cited papers" (Journal of Information Science, 27 (1) 2001, pp. 1–7)?