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Sunday, 09 January

746. Multilingual High Schools and Foreign Language and Literature at College

10:15–11:30 a.m., Diamond Salon 6, J. W. Marriott

Program arranged by the MLA Executive Council

Presiding: Russell Berman, Stanford Univ.

Speakers: David Damrosch, Harvard Univ.; Catherine Ingold, National Foreign Language Center; Daniel Morris, Southern Oregon Univ.; Sung-Ock Sohn, Univ. of California, Los Angeles; Guadalupe Valdés, Stanford Univ.

This session explores connections between language issues in high schools and in college curricula. Despite decreased access to a range of foreign language instruction in many high schools, those environments often include speakers of a wide set of languages. How can the language diversity in secondary school settings enhance language, culture, and literature learning in college? Do college curricula build successfully on precollege language abilities? Do university literature and culture study opportunities respond to the opportunities represented by incoming students’ language backgrounds? How can colleges make better use of the language resources present in high school environments?

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