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Thursday, 28 December

109. Detention and United States Sovereignty: Paradigms, Practices

8:30–9:45 a.m., 203-B, Convention Center

Program arranged by the American Literature Section

Presiding: Sarah R. Robbins, Kennesaw State Univ.

1. “The Tortured Body and the Photograph: The United States War on Terror, Abu Ghraib, and Racial Lynching,” Julie Gerk Hernandez, Univ. of Cincinnati

2. “Expenditure, Excess, and Expendable Bodies: Detention and Questions of Sovereignty,” Jana Evans Braziel, Univ. of Cincinnati

3. “Due Process, Lethal Confinement, and New World Security,” Colin Dayan, Vanderbilt Univ.

Respondent: Eduardo Lujan Cadava, Princeton Univ.

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