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Friday, 07 January

401. Aesthetic Realism and the Literary Cinema of Ken Kimmelman

7:00–8:15 p.m., Olympic III, J. W. Marriott

Presiding: Edward Green, Manhattan School of Music

Speaker: Ken Kimmelman, Imagery Films

Ken Kimmelman's Annotation:
The noted Emmy Award-winning filmmaker will screen two of his films and speak about the relation of aesthetics and ethics: HOT AFTERNOONS HAVE BEEN IN MONTANA (14:38), based on the 1925 NATION prize poem read by its author, ELI SIEGEL, founder of Aesthetic Realism. WILLLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS wrote: “I say definitely that that single poem, out of a thousand others written in the past quarter century, secures our place in the cultural world. LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI wrote: “Eli Siegel was one of my early heroes.” HOWARD ZINN, wrote: “Ken Kimmelman’s reproduction, on film, of Eli Siegel’s magisterial poem, is an extraordinary achievement. It matches, in its visual beauty, the elegance of Siegel’s words, and adds the dimension of stunning imagery to an already profound work of art.” THOMAS COMMA (24-min), based on a story by poet MARTHA BAIRD, is the animated adventure of a lonely comma looking for the right sentence. LIBRARY JOURNAL wrote: “This is as much a film for older viewers familiar with literature and the art of writing as it is for younger viewers who can benefit from its life-affirming lessons. Recommended for composition students of all ages.”

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