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Tuesday, 28 December

335. Asian Pacific American Travel Narratives

7:15–8:30 p.m., 408, Philadelphia Marriott

Program arranged by the Division on Asian American Literature

Presiding: Greta AiYu Niu, New York State Univ., Coll. at Brockport

1. “Negotiating the Technological Empire: Travel Writing and the Early Chinese American Cultural Imagination,” Yuan Shu, Texas Tech Univ.

2. “Travelogue in Disguise: Yone Noguchi’s American Diary of a Japanese Girl,” Hsuan L. Hsu, Univ. of California, Berkeley

3. “Epic Ventures: Korea and America in Myung Mi Kim’s Dura,” Josephine Park, Univ. of Pennsylvania

4. “Le Thi Diem Thuy’s The Gangster We Are All Looking For: History, Literature, and the Emigration of a Photograph,” Jutta M. Gsoels-Lorensen, Penn State Univ., Altoona

Respondent: Melissa Gabot Fabros, Univ. of California, Berkeley

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