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Thursday, 27 December

71. Le “Chicago” français: Gangsters, Polars, and Other Mischief

5:15–6:30 p.m., Parlor C, Sheraton Chicago

Program arranged by the Division on Twentieth-Century French Literature

Presiding: Peter Lawrence Schulman, Old Dominion Univ.

1. “Marseille au Noir: Total Kheops, polar aioli ou roman engagé?” Danielle Marx-Scouras, Ohio State Univ., Columbus

2. “Who’s Afraid of French History? Caché and the Algerian Syndrome,” Josiane Peltier, Fort Lewis Coll.

3. “Idole ou bandit? Bug O’Shea, stéréotype du gangster de Chicago,” Nicolas Di Meo, Université Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3

4. “White-Collar Crimes in French Business,” Cris Reyns-Chikuma, Lafayette Coll.

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