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Thursday, 06 January

73. Governance Matters

1:45–3:00 p.m., 409B, LA Convention Center

Program arranged by the Division on Teaching as a Profession

Presiding: Vincent Barry Leitch, Univ. of Oklahoma

Speakers: Mary McAleer Balkun, Seton Hall Univ.; Gregory S. Jay, Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Elizabeth Jean Langland, Arizona State Univ. West; William Lyne, Western Washington Univ.; Nancy Welch, Univ. of Vermont

What is the faculty share in governance? How do we define “faculty”? Related topics: workload; service; activist trustees, alumni, donors; transparency; academic freedom; faculty lobbying; unions; corporate managerial university; professional autonomy. The main premises of the session are that there is a growing list of vocal stakeholders in higher education, the concept of shared governance is worth defending, and there is a crisis or set of shifts recently in academic governance.

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