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Tuesday, 28 December

318. Psychoanalysis and the Political: Abject before the Law

7:15–8:30 p.m., 202-A, Convention Center

Program arranged by the Division on Psychological Approaches to Literature

Presiding: Esther Rashkin, Univ. of Utah

1. “The Long Silence: Rewriting the Statute of Limitations for Childhood Sexual Abuse,” Beverly Haviland, Brown Univ.

2. “Blackness in Sigmund Freud and AndrĂ© Green’s Construction of the Human Psychic,” Megan Obourn, New York Univ.; Annie Lee Jones, New York Harbor Dept. of Veterans Affairs

3. “Justice beyond the Law? The Talking Cure and Political Crisis,” AndrĂ©s J. Nader, Univ. of Rochester

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