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Thursday, 30 December

679. Literary Linguistics: Toward a Definition

10:15–11:30 a.m., Washington C, Loews

Program arranged by the Division on Linguistic Approaches to Literature

Presiding: Todd Van Evera Oakley, Case Western Reserve Univ.

1. “Toward a Definition of Literary Linguistics,” Milton M. Azevedo, Univ. of California, Berkeley

2. “In the Supermarket of Language: What Corpus Linguists Can Learn from Experimental Poetry,” Claiborne Rice, Univ. of Louisiana, Lafayette

3. “Optimality Theory, Borges, and Hoaxes: Modeling the Act of Reading as a Pragmatic Process of Constraint Satisfaction,” Lynda C. Walsh, New Mexico Inst. of Mining and Tech.

4. “The Pragmatic Author: Comparing Pragmatic Constraints on Linguistic Choices in Everyday Use and in Literary Texts,” Sharon A. Cote, James Madison Univ.

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