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Saturday, 08 January

585. The Transpacific Nineteenth Century

3:30–4:45 p.m., 304C, LA Convention Center

Program arranged by the Division on East Asian Languages and Literatures to 1900 and the Division on Latin American Literature from Independence to 1900

Presiding: Koichi Hagimoto, Wellesley Coll.

1. “Haiku (Jaiku) Comes to Latin America,” Joy B. Landeira, Univ. of Northern Colorado

2. “South-South Diplomacy: National Formation, Religious Invocation, and Aesthetic Production in Brazil and India,” Aarti Madan, Worcester Polytechnic Inst.

3. “Negotiating the United States Empire: Technology, Discourse, and the Chinese American Imaginary,” Yuan Shu, Texas Tech Univ.

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