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57. Adaptation and Refraction in East Asia to 1900

Thursday, 5 January, 1:45–3:00 p.m., Issaquah, Sheraton

Program arranged by the Division on East Asian Languages and Literatures to 1900

Presiding: Joseph Sorensen, Univ. of California, Davis

1. "The Adaptation and Re-Creation of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Japanese Puppet Theater," Kai Xie, Univ. of Washington, Seattle

2. "Women Outlaws of the Marsh: Takizawa Bakin's Transgendering Adaptation of The Water Margin," Mari Nagase, Augustana Coll.

3. "Subjugation of the Demonic Woman and Qu You's The Peony Lantern: From Ningbo Literati to Arakida Reijo," Fumiko Joo, Univ. of Chicago

4. "The Peony Lantern: From Chinese Literati Narrative to B Movie," Paul Rouzer, Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities

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