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Thursday, 30 December

634. Reporting the Unspeakable: Nonfiction, Third-Person Accounts of Child Sexual Abuse

8:30–9:45 a.m., Independence Ballroom Salon I, Philadelphia Marriott

Program arranged by the Division on Nonfiction Prose Studies, Excluding Biography and Autobiography

Presiding: Kenneth Byron Kidd, Univ. of Florida

1. “Virginia Woolf: Incest Survivor,” Louise DeSalvo, Hunter Coll., City Univ. of New York

2. “‘I Began to Enjoy It’: Chris Moore’s The Kincora Scandal,” Margot Gayle Backus, Univ. of Houston, University Park

3. “Documents of the Catholic Church Crisis: Lisa Kessler’s Heart in the Wound,” Ann L. Cvetkovich, Univ. of Texas, Austin

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