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Wednesday, 30 December

632. Quotation, Sampling, and Appropriation in Audiovisual Production

8:30–9:45 a.m., 406, Philadelphia Marriott

Program arranged by the Division on Film

Presiding: Nora M. Alter, Univ. of Florida; Paul D. Young, Vanderbilt Univ.

1. “‘We the People’: Imagining Communities in Dave Chappelle’s Block Party,” Badi Sahar Ahad, Loyola Univ., Chicago

2. “Pinning Down the Pinup: The Revival of Vintage Sexuality in Film, Television, and New Media,” Mabel Rosenheck, Univ. of Texas, Austin

3. “Playful Quotations,” Lin Zou, Indiana Univ., Bloomington

4. “For the Record: The DJ Is a Critic, ‘Constructing a Sort of Argument,’” Mark McCutcheon, Athabasca Univ.

Speaker's Annotation:
My talk discusses DJing in general and DJ Z-Trip as a specific case study, and while it provides background information on both, I’d like to suggest the following links and references for anyone unfamiliar with DJing and/or curious about Z-Trip (many of whose mixes, including the Uneasy Listening mix I will sample in my talk, are available for free download from his website).

DJ background:

Shapiro, Peter. “The Primer: Turntablism.” The Wire 179 (1999)

“Disc jockey” Wikipedia entry

Video DJ tutorials:
Turntable basics
Cross fader
Mixing with headphones
Beat mixing

Video turntablism tutorial (with good footage of DJ equipment in action)

DJ Z-Trip:

Web site:
Downloads section, featuring Uneasy Listening:

More background on hip hop history:

Scratch (full-length documentary)

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