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Friday, 30 December

759. Memoirs of Exile: Ved Mehta and Others

1:45–3:00 p.m., Georgetown East, Washington Hilton

Program arranged by the South Asian Literary Association

Presiding: Paul K. Saint-Amour, Pomona Coll.

1. “Ved Mehta: Autobiography and the Exile’s Return,” Pradyumna S. Chauhan, Arcadia Univ.

2. “A World of Four Senses in Ved Mehta’s Face to Face,” Georgina Dodge, Ohio State Univ., Columbus

3. “Diasporic Consciousness and Transnationalism in Meena Alexander’s Texts,” Jaspal Kaur Singh, Northern Michigan Univ.

4. “Rethinking Feminist Historiography about the Partition of Colonial India,” Arnal Dayaratna, Duke Univ.

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