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Sunday, 09 January

819. (Re)Presentation of the “Other” by the South Asian Diaspora

1:45–3:00 p.m., 303B, LA Convention Center

Program arranged by the South Asian Literary Association

Presiding: Joylette Williams Samuels, Nassau Community Coll., NY

1. “Reviving the Coolie Woman: Archives, Migration, and Gender in Ramabai Espinet’s Novel The Swinging Bridge,” Nandini Dhar, Univ. of Texas, Austin

2. “From Chai House to Kurma House International: Dialectic of the ‘Other’ in Chitra Banerjee Devkaruni’s Queen of Dreams,” Omendra Kumar Singh, Government P G Coll.

3. “Jodhabai: The Ghostly Other in Emperor Akbar’s Court,” Christine Florence Vogt-William, Emory Univ.

4. “Engaging Literature and Hip-Hop: Refugees and the Diasporic Critique of Sri Lankan History,” Kavita Daiya, George Washington Univ.

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