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Monday, 29 December

628. Melville and His Critics

3:30–4:45 p.m., Powell, Hilton

Program arranged by the Melville Society

Presiding: Christopher D. Castiglia, Penn State Univ., University Park

1. “‘No Life You Have Known’; or, Melville’s Contemporary Critics,” Hester M. Blum, Penn State Univ., University Park

2. “‘Out of the Breadbox’: Eleanor Melville Metcalf and the Melville Legacy,” Wyn Kelley, Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.

3. “‘Autobiography Even in the Loose Sense’: Matthiessen and Melville,” Jay Grossman, Northwestern Univ.

4. “C. L. R. James’s Moby-Dick and the Testimony of Nonsurvivors,” Donald E. Pease, Dartmouth Coll.

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