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Friday, 30 December

750. Doris Lessing and the Real

1:45–3:00 p.m., Embassy, Marriott

Program arranged by the Doris Lessing Society

Presiding: Robin E. Visel, Furman Univ.

1. “Doris Lessing and Socialist Realism,” Julie Cairnie, Univ. of Guelph

2. “The Diaries of Jane Somers and Walking in the Shade: Lessing’s Practice of Social Realism While Disavowing Marxism,” Sally Ann Jacobsen, Northern Kentucky Univ.

3. “Doris Lessing’s Use and Abuse of ‘the Real’ in The Golden Notebook,” Alice Rachel Ridout, Univ. of Winnipeg

Respondent: Robin E. Visel

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