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Saturday, 27 December

14. Langston Hughes, American Intellectuals, and the Loss of Civil Liberties in the McCarthy Era: National Repercussions

3:30–4:45 p.m., Van Ness, Hilton

Program arranged by the Langston Hughes Society

Presiding: Dolan Hubbard, Morgan State Univ.

1. “Langston Hughes’s ‘Literary Sharecropping’ during the Cold War,” Sharynn Owens Etheridge, Claflin Univ.

2. “American Hysteria, Civil Liberties, and the Literary Left: Langston Hughes and Lorraine Hansberry,” Kara Fontenot, Univ. of Maryland, College Park

3. “Hughes’s Scottsboro Literature: Toward Socialist Postraciality,” Benjamin T. Foster, Southern Illinois Univ., Carbondale

4. “Langston Hughes and the High Cost of Free Speech,” Renita Lorden, Los Angeles, CA

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