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Wednesday, 30 December

701. (Re)Constituting Women and Family

12:00 noon–1:15 p.m., Washington A, Loews

Program arranged by Feministas Unidas

Presiding: Sara E. Cooper, California State Univ., Chico

Presider's Annotation:
The fourth presenter, inadvertently left out of the printed program (will be included in the program errata) is:

"El retorno de Lillith," Zoila Yovanna Clark, Florida Memorial University

1. “Between Mother and Lover: Women Guest Workers in the Spanish Home,” Lennie Coleman, Univ. of Miami

2. “¿Madre (Superiora) no hay más que una? Nuns as Mothers and Lovers in the Films of Pedro Almodóvar,” Maria DiFrancesco, Ithaca Coll.

3. “Reconstituting Work, Desire, and Family in Dominican Literature,” Irune del Rio Gabiola, Butler Univ.

For papers, visit after 10 Nov.

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