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Saturday, 27 December

41. Faulkner and Modernist Studies

3:30–4:45 p.m., Union Square 14, Hilton

Program arranged by the William Faulkner Society

Presiding: Peter Lurie, Univ. of Richmond

1. “Faulkner and Modern Criticism: Southern Literature and the Modernist Institutionalization of ‘Difficulty,’” Florence Dore, Kent State Univ., Kent

2. “William Faulkner’s Rural Modernism,” Jolene Hubbs, Stanford Univ.

3. “‘I Look Just like a Kodak Negative’: Callie, Maud, and the Origins of Faulkner’s Racialized Visual Poetics,” Judith L. Sensibar, Arizona State Univ.

For copies of abstracts, visit after 10 Dec.

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