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Wednesday, 29 December

534. Anything Goes? The Content of Composition

3:30–4:45 p.m., Grand Ballroom Salon I, Philadelphia Marriott

Program arranged by the Council of Writing Program Administrators

Presiding: Chris Anson, North Carolina State Univ.

1. “Cultural Studies as Composition: Promise and Problem,” Douglas Dean Hesse, Illinois State Univ., Normal

2. “Context, Content, and Composition: Outlining a Curriculum (and a Major) for the Twenty-First Century,” Kathleen B. Yancey, Clemson Univ.

3. “Not Everything Goes in Composition, but Much Can,” Irwin Weiser, Purdue Univ., West Lafayette

4. “Nothing Comes of Anything: Finding the Center of Composition,” Chris Anson

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