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Monday, 29 December

713. Intellectual Patronage: Definition, Origins, and Evolution in Britain and Ireland, 1700–1830

9:00–10:15 p.m., Mason B, Hilton

A special session

Presiding: Clara Tuite, Univ. of Melbourne

1. “Enlightened Zeal: The Hastings Family and Irish Influences in Intellectual Patronage,” Shelley Meagher, Queen’s Univ. Belfast

2. “The Patron for All Seasons and the Philosopher: William Hayley, William Godwin, and Intellectual Patronage,” Mark Crosby, Univ. of Oxford

3. “A Case Study of Literary Patronage in Eighteenth-Century Ireland: Bishop Francis Hutchinson, 1660–1739,” Andrew Sneddon, Queen’s Univ. Belfast

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