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Saturday, 29 December

629. Beyond The Einstein of Sex: The Afterlife of Magnus Hirschfeld’s Visual Vocabulary and Theory of Sexuality

9:00–10:15 p.m., Ontario, Sheraton Chicago

A special session

Presiding: Veronika Fuechtner, Dartmouth Coll.

1. “Hirschfeld and the Hygiene Film: Promoting Public Health or Pornography?” Jill Suzanne Smith, Bowdoin Coll.

2. “Magnus Hirschfeld’s Photoshop,” Marilyn Reizbaum, Bowdoin Coll.

3. “Magnus Hirschfeld’s Gender Cosmogony: The Theory of Intermediate Sexes in the Light of Gender Studies and Hegemonic Masculinity,” Rainer Herrn, Magnus-Hirschfeld-Society Berlin

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