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Monday, 27 December

62. Understanding Structural Racism in the Fight against Bigotry: A Literary Perspective

8:45–10:00 p.m., Commonwealth Hall A2, Loews

Program arranged by the Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity and Tolerance

Presiding: Finley C. Campbell, DeVry Univ.

1. “Racism (or the Slavery Syndrome) in American Literature: The Reconstruction Trope,” Finley C. Campbell

2. “Anti-Italian Bigotry in Contemporary Irish Film and Literature: A Critical Analysis,” Mark Chu, Natl. Univ. of Ireland

3. “Anti-Immigrant Racism: The Haitian Trope in the United States American Political Imagination,” Kimberly Ann Nance, Illinois State Univ.

For copies of papers, write to Finley C. Campbell by 3 Dec. 2004.

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