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Saturday, 08 January

565. Modernism in Motion: Circulation, Reception, Consumption

1:45–3:00 p.m., Atrium III, J. W. Marriott

Program arranged by the Modernist Studies Association

Presiding: Sean Latham, Univ. of Tulsa

Speakers: David M. Earle, Univ. of West Florida; Barbara J. Green, Univ. of Notre Dame; Faye Hammill, Univ. of Strathclyde; Gayle B. Rogers, Univ. of Pittsburgh

What happens when the idea of modernism is organized not around solitary genius and the scene of aesthetic production but instead around diverse and multiform scenes of circulation, reception, and consumption? This session will offer distinct responses to this question grounded in methodological approaches and exemplified in brief readings of a single text or object. Panelists will speculate about how the shift to consumption might transform our increasingly unstable conception of modernism as both a historical period and a set of distinctive aesthetic practices.

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