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Saturday, 08 January

557. Toru Dutt

1:45–3:00 p.m., 301B, LA Convention Center

A special session

Presiding: Christofer Craig Foss, Univ. of Mary Washington

1. “Toru Dutt’s Bianca: Fragments of Sexual Awakening,” Kellie D. Holzer, Univ. of Washington, Seattle

2. “Internationalizing the Sonnet: Toru Dutt’s ‘Sonnet.—Baugmaree,’” Alison Chapman, Univ. of Victoria

3. “Establishing an Epic Lineage: From Savitri to Toru Dutt to ‘Savitri,’” Sheshalatha Reddy, Univ. of Mary Washington

For abstracts, visit after 31 Dec.

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