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Monday, 29 December

525. Doris Lessing and Human Rights

12:00 noon–1:15 p.m., Union Square 2, Hilton

Program arranged by the Doris Lessing Society

Presiding: Alice Rachel Ridout, Leeds Metropolitan Univ.; Robin E. Visel, Furman Univ.

1. “Prisons We Build for Ourselves: Doris Lessing’s Cultural Critique and Michel Foucault’s Theory of Power and Knowledge,” Yuan-Jung Cheng, National Sun Yat-sen Univ.

2. “‘They Treat Human Beings as If They Were Rats’: Constructing Intelligible Bodies in Lessing and Laing,” Kerry Myler, Univ. of Southampton

3. “The Vexed ‘Colour Problem’: Doris Lessing and ‘the African Renaissance,’” Pat Louw, Univ. of Zululand

4. “‘A Door Which I Propped Open with a Stone’: Doris Lessing’s Going Home,” Lynda Hall, Univ. of Calgary

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