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Friday, 29 December

478. Khronic Mediations in Modern Critical Discourse: John W. Kronik’s Legacy to Hispanism and Beyond

1:45–3:00 p.m., Commonwealth Hall B, Loews

A special session

Presiding: Susan L. Fischer, Bucknell Univ.

1. “John W. Kronik and Nineteenth-Century Spain: ‘The Witching Hour of the Modern Imagination,’” Harriet Stevens Turner, Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln

2. “He Saw Hitler: John W. Kronik’s Cataclysmic Criticism of Twentieth-Century Spanish Literature,” Roberta Johnson, Univ. of Kansas

3. “Playing with the Game That Art Is: Taking John Kronik’s Work on Self-Conscious Art into the Twenty-First Century,” Christine Henseler, Union Coll., NY

Respondent: Akiko Tsuchiya, Washington Univ.

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