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Thursday, 28 December

316. Muslim Europes

7:15–8:30 p.m., Commonwealth Hall A1, Loews

Program arranged by the Division on European Literary Relations

Presiding: Gerald Joseph Prince, Univ. of Pennsylvania

1. “Representing the Muslim in Don Quixote and Early Modern Spain,” Ryan C. Prendergast, Univ. of Rochester

2. “Sir Richard Burton: The Muslim Body, Cross-Dressing, and the European Mimic Man,” Rebecca Fine Romanow, Univ. of Massachusetts, Boston

3. “Doublespeak and Muslim Youth Culture in Racialized Sweden,” Ursula A. L. Lindqvist, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

4. “The Cartoon Crisis; or, The Clash of Universalisms: The Limits of Hospitality and the Failure of Ethics in Muslim Europe,” John B. Michael, Univ. of Rochester

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