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Thursday, 06 January

22. Class Dismissed: Economic Policies, the Academic Workforce, and Student Access to Higher Education

12:00 noon–1:15 p.m., 406A, LA Convention Center

Program arranged by the MLA Committee on Community Colleges and the Radical Caucus in English and the Modern Languages

Presiding: Paul Lauter, Trinity Coll., CT

Speakers: Sandra K. Baringer, Univ. of California, Riverside; Grover C. Furr, Montclair State Univ.; Margaret Hanzimanolis, De Anza Coll., CA; David Laurence, MLA; Paul Lauter; Miles McCrimmon, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community Coll., VA; Julia Stein, Santa Monica Coll., CA

This roundtable will examine national trends in academic staffing in two-year colleges, make comparisons with workforce conditions at four-year colleges and universities, explore points of academic articulation between two-year and four-year schools, consider budgetary implications, and gather together some practical talking points for advocacy and political action that are historically informed and economically savvy.

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