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Saturday, 27 December

149. Cultures of Poverty

8:45–10:00 p.m., Union Square 18, Hilton

A special session

Presiding: Stephen E. Schryer, Concordia Univ., Sir George Williams

1. “A Walk down These Mean Streets: Revisiting Oscar Lewis’s ‘Culture of Poverty,’” Marta Esther Sánchez, Arizona State Univ.

2. “‘A Culture of Violence and Foodsmells’: Amiri Baraka’s The System of Dante’s Hell and the War on Poverty,” Stephen E. Schryer

3. “The Culture of Poverty Idea: Some Effects of Seeing Class in Cultural Terms,” Keith Leland Gandal, Northern Illinois Univ.

Respondent: Gavin Jones, Stanford Univ.

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