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Thursday, 06 January

146. Cultural Studies in Postsocialist Spaces: The Politics of the Discipline

5:15–6:30 p.m., 304B, LA Convention Center

Program arranged by the Discussion Group on Slavic Literatures and Cultures

Presiding: Imre Szeman, Univ. of Alberta

Speakers: Hajrudin Hromadzic, Univ. of Zagreb; Alexander Kiossev, Univ. of Sofia; Mihai Mindra, Univ. of Bucharest; Ksenia Poluektova-Krimer, Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem; Gyorgy Tury, Budapest Coll. of Business and Communication

This roundtable addresses the recent development and implementation of cultural studies as a discipline in central and eastern Europe, particularly against the backdrop of culturology. The panelists will look more specifically at the relevance and history of Marxist criticism to these conversations and on structural changes to the European academic sphere. How do the cultural practices of pre-1989 academia carry over into the post-1989 period? Where does the Marxist legacy inherent in culturology meet the Marxist legacy inherent in some branches cultural? How is the future of cultural studies and culturology affected by pan-European reforms in higher education?

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