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Thursday, 06 January

122. Why Can’t We Teach What We Are Trained to Teach? Program Consolidation, Elimination, Realignment

3:30–4:45 p.m., 408A, LA Convention Center

Program arranged by the MLA Delegate Assembly Organizing Committee

Presiding: Adelaide M. Russo, Louisiana State Univ., Baton Rouge

Speakers: Caroline D. Eckhardt, Penn State Univ., University Park; Sima N. Godfrey, Univ. of British Columbia; Margaret R. Higonnet, Univ. of Connecticut, Storrs; Brian Gordon Kennelly, California Polytechnic State Univ., San Luis Obispo; Teresa Mangum, Univ. of Iowa

This session will focus on ways to respond to what is happening to language and literature programs on campuses across the United States and Canada. To prepare the ground for discussion, we invite convention attendees and MLA members to use the comments feature in the online session listings on the MLA Web site to post accounts of the kinds of consolidations and reorganizations they are seeing at their institutions. People may include links to news articles and campus Web sites. These accounts will provide actual data for session participants to draw on so that time at the session can be used to explore constructive and creative ways to respond.

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