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Application for exhibit space at the 2017 Modern Language Association Annual Convention indicates the applicant's willingness to abide by all accompanying exhibit terms and conditions and general regulations, as well as such additional rules and regulations as the management deems necessary to the success of the exhibition, provided these latter do not materially alter the exhibitor's contractual rights. The MLA, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to reject any application for exhibit space for any reason. For more information, see the MLA's policy on exhibits and advertisements. This application becomes a contract when countersigned by the MLA head of convention programs.

A minimum of half the total booth price must accompany this application. The balance of the rental fee is due on receipt of invoice and before 29 August 2016. Payment in full must accompany any application submitted after 29 August.

I have read and agreed to the Exhibitor Terms and Conditions.

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