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Calls for Papers - Special Sessions

The Avant-Garde City in Latin America
The papers of this session will analyze the relations between the avant-garde movements in Latin America and the cities that produced them. 150-word abstract. by 12 February 2016; Rodrigo Figueroa (
Posted 9 November 2015

Beyond Queer Masculinity in C19 American Studies
What underserved archives of our queer American genealogy lie beyond the C19 gay male archive? How should we attend to them now? 250-word abstracts by 15 March 2016; Timothy Griffiths (
Posted 13 November 2015

ICSI'2016 (URL: Call for Papers and Proposals for Special Sessions, Tutorials, Symposia, etc
Dates: 25-30 June, 2016 Location: Padma Resort Legian, Bali, Indonesia. SCOPE: SWARM INTELLIGENCE PAGE LIMITS: 6-12 by 30 January 2016; cil pku (
Posted 28 November 2015

If a Lion Could Speak: The Impress of Paul West
Tribute to the prolific, English-born American novelist (1930-2015). His stylistic mastery, dedication to marginal persons, erudition, wit and grim candor. 250-word abstracts by 10 March 2016; Stephen Donatelli (
Posted 14 November 2015

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